Data last updated on 8 August 2015. You can find older overviews on my Tableau Public profile.

Have a look at the other tabs and note that you can drill down by clicking on the plus sign which appears when you hover over the country column heading.


What is the purpose?

I believe there is a public interest in making this data available. Of course, the data is public – everything comes straight from the European Parliament website – but the EP does not presently make it easy to download and analyse this data. I do this on my own time.

How was the data collected?

I wrote a simple script which scrapes the data automatically from the EP website. This is nothing that could not be done manually, it is just easier this way.

Can I get the source data?

Sure thing! One way is to click the download button in the bottom right corner of the Tableau Public viz above. But if you really want to play with the data, check out these files:

  • List of all MEPs (XML)
  • List of all accredited MEP assistants (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • List of all local MEP assistants in (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • List of incoming/outgoing MEPs (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • Excel file connected to these data sources (.xlsx)

The first file is served directly by the EP website. The two lists of MEP assistants are generated by my scraper script on the fly so they are always up to date. (I might opensource the scraper at some point. It is not entirely presentable at the moment, though.)

Just please let me know if you find this useful and get in touch with me if you encounter any issues.

* If you need a URL without parameters (if I recall correctly an older version of Excel had a problem with that), there are alternative files for both accredited and local assistants and for incoming/outgoing MEPs.

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