MEP assistants numbers updated

I’ve updated my data on the numbers of MEP assistants – you can now view it on a dedicated page which will be updated on a regular(-ish) basis in the future.

There has been some movement – Antanas ‘Tony’ GUOGA is no longer at the top and has been surpassed by Sergio GUTIÉRREZ PRIETO (S&D, Spain) (3 accredited and 32 local assistants) and Dubravka ŠUICA (EPP, Croatia) (3 accredited, 23 local). Mr Guoga himself cut down the number of his local assistants by 5 so he now has 4 + 19 assistants. (I am sorry if anyone actually lost their job because of me.)

Update: Mr Gutiérrez reacted on these figures:

Mr Guoga was interviewed by the Lithuanian national radio shortly after my original post was published (I know because I got my 2 minutes of Baltic fame on the same programme). He explained (Google Translate told me) that there were assistants who are not full-time employees on his team but who are not party members either. This is important as putting staff working for the national party (rather than directly for the MEP) on the EP payroll is banned and such practices have been at the centre of the recent scandal regarding Front National MEPs. If you understand Lithuanian, you can listen to the report online (around 105:40) or you can read a related article on the radio’s website.

Lithuania still stays at the top, though, with an average of 14.36. Poland is still second and Malta third.

On the other hand, there are now 33 MEPs with no assistants in Brussels. Three of them are newly incoming MEPs, so it is understandable they have not formed or registered their team yet. There are also several MEPs who have staff working for them as members of their political group leadership . Anyway, the biggest outliers are now:

  • Ryszard CZARNECKI (ECR, Poland) – 0 accredited, 14 local
  • Bill ETHERIDGE (EFDD, UK) – 0 acc., 13 local
  • Karol KARSKI (ECR, Poland) – 0 acc., 11 local

Making the data accessible

I have also updated my script and Excel file so that it is going to be easier to keep the data up to date in the future. In case anyone would like to play with the data, you can use these resources:

  • List of all MEPs (XML)
  • List of all accredited MEP assistants (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • List of all local MEP assistants in (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • List of incoming/outgoing MEPs (XML*, CSV, JSON)
  • Excel file connected to these data sources (.xlsx)

The first file is served directly by the EP website, although there is no public link on the EP website to this file anymore. The two lists of MEP assistants are generated by my scraper script on the fly so they are always up to date. (I might opensource the scraper at some point. It is not entirely presentable at the moment, though.)

Let me know if you find this useful and get in touch with me if you encounter any issues.

* If you need a URL without parameters (Excel for example might have a problem with that), there are alternative files for both accredited and local assistants and for incoming/outgoing MEPs.

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