How many assistants do MEPs employ?

Edit: This article is now outdated – for up-to-date data, head over to a dedicated page.

  • On average, MEPs have 2 assistants in Brussels and 3 in their home country
  • MEPs from Lithuania and Poland have by far the most assistants
  • Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga employs the most (27) while 32 MEPs have no assistants in Brussels.

MEPs’ assistants are indispensable for the functioning of the Parliament, even if they are often invisible to the public. It is in fact hard to imagine a parliamentarian serving his electorate properly without a team of assistants. And for the most part, MEPs’ offices are rather small shops – typically with two assistants based in Brussels and three back in the MEP’s home constituency. But how many is too many and how few is too few?

Yesterday, Jon Worth published an update on his overview from 2013 of how many assistants do Polish MEPs employ – oddly enough, three of them have gone high above the usual with nearly 20 assistants in total. I found this intriguing – what could be the reasons behind this? I am not suggesting there has to be some sort of foul play here. Before discussing this, though, I thought it would useful to see the numbers for the whole EP first. Continue Reading…